72v16ah Surron/Segway Range Extender Battery


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  • 72v 16AH Range Extender Pack for Surron / Segway
  • 20s4p using Molicel P42A 21700 cell (4200mah 45amp)
  • 300amp ANT BT BMS (Set to 320amp peak)
  • 8 Awg. silicone discharge Supra X (Surron Connector)
  • 12 Awg. silicone charge XT60 connector with waterproof cap
  • Polycarbonate casing and marine shrink
  • Drok waterproof display
  • This battery is made to run in parallel with an existing 72v battery.
  • You can use the battery to power the bike by itself, albeit at lower amps. 4p x 45amp cells gives you 180amp peaks.
  • You will need the Parallel Adapter to wire this battery in parallel with your existing 72v setup. (Included)
  • We highly recommend the waterproof Kuryakyn 5172 Tørke 7L Dry Tank Bag (Available on Amazon)
  • Parallel Adapter Cable Included ($45)


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